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Column Base Screwed to Concrete PSOL

The base of the column is screwed to the concrete – PSOL

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Base plate – light concrete anchor type “U”

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Wide Concrete Anchor Base Plate-Light Concrete Anchor Type U
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Galvanised “U” Shape Screwed Post Fence Ground Anchor 4mm

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  • u shape screwed post fence ground anchor
  • Height: 120mm
  • 70mm – 120mm
  • Holes size 10mm
  • width 60mm
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Bearing: 40.8 kN
  • Applications: pergolas, awning posts,
  • carports , decking
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Corrosion protection: Hot dip galvanized-Coating applied by immersing an object in molten zinc at a temperature of approx. 450 ̊C. The obtained coating thickness is80-90 μm, not less than 60 μm. Thick-layer protection is recommended for products exposed to long-term exposure to moisture, especially elements used in the garden. Decorative paints intended for galvanized surfaces can be applied over this coating.


Model Width Depth Height Thickness Load Capacity Drawing
PSO70 71mm 60mm 120mm 4mm 40.8kn
PSO90 91mm 60mm 120mm 4mm 40.8kn
PSO100 101mm 60mm 120mm 4mm 40.8kn
PSO120 121mm 60mm 120mm 4mm 40.8kn


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