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If you need to repair a rotting or damaged fence post we have the answer with our easy fence post repair spike.

Our easy to use repair spike takes the place of using a complicated fence post kit.

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Using a block of wood to protect the spike ledge and a mallet. Hammer the spike into the ground making sure the upright securing bracket with screw holes is close to and in line with the fence post. Hammer until the spike ledge is flush with the floor.

Finally secure the upright bracket to the fence post using M8 coach screws.

Look no further for a. Here at fence post spikes UK we have the solution. The fence post repair spike. Will make light D.I.Y work of what might otherwise be a very long, tiresome and costly job. The powder coated 5mm thick steel repair spike measures 65mm wide so is ideal for securing 75mm and 100mm fence posts.

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