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Putting Up A Fence Guide

So you have decided to repair, replace or install your perimeter fence?
Well, here is a guide to help show how fence post spikes are a crucial addition to the process. Fence post spikes ensure the fence last for as long as possible and will withstands the elements.

Whether you choose solid wood panels, horizontal ranch style fencing, inter lap fencing, picket fencingclose board fencing or trellis fencing the likelihood is you will require timber fence post to secure the panels along the route. Once you have removed any existing fencing and post your first task will be to clearly mark out where your new fence and fence post will go. This can do done with string and a small marker where you would like each post to go, ensure their are no obstructions such as tree roots or paving slabs in the way.

One of the most difficult aspects of erecting a fence  in this that traditionally you would have to remove the earth in order to create the space to place the post, often this would be deep into the ground. Along with this you would need to create drainage with small stones and then secure each post after ensuring they are level with concrete, quite the task! Thankfully there are now fence post spikes which make this process much, much quicker.

We offer a standard 75mm x 75mm square which will fit most fence spikes, and our fence post spikes are 750mm in length which is essential for fence post above 4ft. Each spike is fully galvanised and has drainage holes to ensure the quality of your fence post stays for as long as possible.

To use them all you need to do is quite simply drive  them into the ground where you will pace your fence post. Once in place they can be driven into the ground with a proprietary driving tool and a sledgehammer, after that you just need to check they are straight with a spirit level. One all of your fence post spikes are in place the below ground work is now complete; you simply need to place your fence post and fit your brand new panelling.

You can find further information about erecting your fence from various on-line and written sources, why not try you tube for advice as well?

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