Fence Post Repair Spike

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Our fence post repair spike is the ideal way to fix a broken fence post as the Easy fence post repair support offset in spike goes past old concrete securing your broken fence post

  •  Perfect for repairing damaged or rotting fence posts.
  • Measures 500mm spike, 450mm fence plate and 250mm horizontal section.
  • Measures 17.7″ x 9.8″x 19.6″ inch the weight of 1 spike is Three kg
  • Spike is 5mm powder coated steel! not all sellers offer this thickness.


Fence Repair Spike

The Fence post repair spike goes past the concrete base of the wooden post Fence Supports and then screws directly to the post. The pictures show a post which had rotted through at ground level. A wooden stay could not be knocked down the side of the post because of the concrete around base, meaning the fence would need taking down and the concrete digging out. The fence post repair spike simplifies this by avoiding the concrete. Just push the flat of the repair spike against the post and with a hefty hammer knock it into the ground then simply screw to the fence posts you’re done! It’s that simple & easy to repair You can also cover up the dogleg of the spike with soil or other material which means only the upright shows making it a very tidy fence repair spike kit


The spike is made from 5mm braced steel so is very strong considering other products on the market are made from 1-2mm!

 Approx Measures 17.7″ x 9.8″x 19.6″ inch’s the weight of 1 spike is 3 kg

Approx measurements are: 500mm spike, 450mm up post 250mm dogleg.


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Weight 1 kg

7 reviews for Fence Post Repair Spike

  1. Bob


    The Repair Spikes were brilliant!

    They did exactly the job they were supposed to do and saved me many hours of digging out old posts and a lot of money for replacements. I did a row of 4 posts without problem in about 2 hours.

    I suggest being careful measuring horizontals and verticals. Centre the spike in the centre of the post vertically and pre-drill the holes, then it’s a perfect job which has since withstood some very strong winds.


  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Yes, indeed it exceeded my expectations- stronger and well engineered.

    The first one (of three) was a bit fiddly, but that was more about the post being twisted than anything, but once I’d understood where to place the point, and to drive the spike square, the next two were very easy to use.

    Yes, I’d use again, and recommend, because they save a significant amount of time as well as cost.

    Great job!


  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    A very labour saving and easy to use product.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Everything was good thanks. The fence spikes were as they appeared on line and seem to do the job well, easy enough to install and strong enough to work.


  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hi! Thank you very much for such a great product. I am very pleased I found your fence repair spike on your website. It arrived the next day and it was very easy and quick to fix to my very wobbly fence which doesn’t move any more . It’s really a very easy and cheap solution to fixing fences. I’ve recommended it to a couple of my friends who I’m sure will purchase a few spikes soon. Thank you very much!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m very pleased to say that your repair spikes are brilliant. They were really easy to install, taking only 10-15 minutes each and appear to do exactly what they are meant to. My only suggestion is that you include a suggestion for the bolts that are needed to fit them, or you include bolts as an option.
    I had been planning on using concrete strengtheners, but your spikes are better in every way, cheaper, easier and quicker!
    I have already recommended them to my neighbour and will continue to do so.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hello. I just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying the dog leg post repair spike. It’s a great product and did the job easily. I’m a 50 year old woman with no tools to be able to do a post repair, but together with my 77 year old dad who is as unpractical as me, I managed to install the spike and fix the rotted fence post 🙂 I highly recommend your company and the product.

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